Infographics round-up
Infographics inspiration

In this article, I have showcased some of the most creative infographics and data visualization examples, along with some really effective tools to help you improve your skills in creating infographics. Enjoy the journey!



Infographics maps
Infographics inspiration

The best examples of infographics are maps which clearly illustrate the topic in a very clear and succinct manner — and stand out from the rest. Here is a collection of some great examples of infographical maps for your inspiration and perhaps future art projects. Enjoy!



Social media infographics
Infographics Inspiration 

Fantastic news for all you social media addicts out there because we’ve complied a total of 60 infographics that are related to social media! Here are some of the interesting one “How are mobile phones changing social media”, “Journey of a Tweet”, “Evolution of Twiter” and a lot more. Prepare to get information overwhelmed.



Movies Flowcharts

Everybody loves a well thought out flowchart with lots humor built-in. And these 5 ads from Canal+ has just that, plus they are very well executed. (Click on each flowchart to see the large version).

Made by BETC EURO RSCG, Paris, France



The biggest touchscreen
at University of Groningen, Netherlands

It works like this: “The cameras, illuminators and projectors are all placed behind a large, cylindrical screen (formally used as a 3D theater). Due to the diffuse layer on the front side of the screen, the cameras cannot see clearly through the screen, however whenever someone touches the screen, enough of the infrared light is reflected back to see the tip of the finger. The difference is very small (on a scale of 0-255 the difference is only 2 or 3), but still big enough to be seen by the computers that analyze the images from the cameras.” 


iPad music library visualization

Planetary is our all-new, stunningly beautiful way to explore your music collection, available only on iPad. Visit planetary.bloom.io for download links and more information. 


Info Touch
Interactive Design by Jeff Han

An Explorative Multi-Touch Interface for Tagged Photo Collections. 


Picturae 2.0
by Taprick, interaction designer

Picturae 2.0 is a tangible way to paint virtually.

It is inspired by the techniques of drawing, painting, printing, graffiti, … and is built upon a digital process that enables an infinity of features and extensions.

The cloth painting is the screen, the brush is a specific can. Sometimes mouse, other times brush, the specific can allows the user to paint or to change or select a parameter of the brush, his size or color.

Everything is done on the screen. 


Interactive Game Bus Stop
by Yahoo

Yahoo installed 20 72-inch digital video touch screens throughout the San Francisco downtown area as part of a limited time advertising campaign Bus Stop Derby. 


Discover Australia Interactive Floor
by Lumen Digital

Lumen created a walk-on interactive map of Australia that brings natural, indigenous and outback Australian experiences to life using the footprints of the visitor to trigger visuals. As the visitor walks through the sea the water ripples and their footprints are left across the desert sands as they explore the continent. The interactive floor is designed to pack-down for easy relocation anywhere on the globe.